Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing

Over the last several years, industry analysts have long touted the benefits of moving to an integrated facilities management (IFM) – whether from an in-house, in-sourced or out-sourced model – as a means of achieving a host of benefits, including:*

Achieving these benefits for improvement requires a company to find the right balance of services that should be outsourced, the right primary provider of IFM services, and the right group of subcontracted vendors.

TBC’s IFM senior leadership understands the innate complexities and peculiarities that a building/campus/property can have. TBC realizes that each facility has unique requirements that requires a tailored approach. We employ this philosophy for those clients that choose TBC to lead their IFM efforts.

Through our array of service offerings TBC is well positioned to provide many of the support services required as part of an overall IFM solution. We perform these functions through a client-centric lens of Total Cost of Ownership: a concept that optimizes value through a blend of innovation, quality, efficiency and customer care – whether we are the Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) lead or a provider of individual site support services.

Wherever TBC is in the mix, we understand the importance of delivering business results for our clients.

*Source: "Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory" KPMG, LLP February 2012