Quality Control

Quality Control

TBC has earned a solid reputation within the facility service industry by providing “best in class” services - at a competitive cost. The TBC team consistently strives to deliver outstanding results by providing our clients with performance measurements, award-winning technologies, benchmarking, and innovations that have yielded cost savings over conventional methods.

Quality is essential to TBC service applications – and is what drives the company’s business success. TBC’s aim is to provide the highest standards of professionalism, care and efficiency at a level that meets or exceeds contractual and industry standards.

Quality Management System

TBC’s Quality Management System (QMS) is aligned with the ISO 9001 standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which requires accurate internal auditing practices that measure, monitor, score and certify that all internal quality systems, processes, and controls are consistent and managed effectively and efficiently. TBC’s QMS also includes document control, client meetings, bi–weekly staff meetings, performance reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys and internal inspections.

Critical to our approach at our client facilities is to provide a meaningful measurement process, driving increased visibility over performance, accountability, and continuous improvement strategies. Our approach incorporates the customization of a quality program, tailored to the client’s specific key performance indicators (KPI’s).

We achieve an additional measure of checks and balances through our TBC Quality Assurance Inspection Program, a key measuring system that allows the company to balance the services requested with the services rendered—TBC’s way of guaranteeing superior levels in all aspects of delivery and implementation.

We conduct periodic scorecard reviews as a key component of the overall measurement of a facility services program’s level of success. This practice allows for a healthy flow of information, which holds our performance against established targets. Open lines of communication and a comprehensive understanding and accountability for all goals and objectives are critical success indicators.

TBC measures success in our Quality Program in the following areas: